Nicholas Kirkwood

Does anyone remember their first pair of heels? I remember mine. I can tell you the very first time I wanted my first pair, I was 6 years old, in Spain, fixated on the little Spanish singer we see every year, every summer, in her sparkling, glitterball red shoes. You could say they were identical to Dorothy's "No place like Home" shoes in Wizard of Oz. I used to sit on the stage where she would sing, eyes glued to her feet, (she had tiny feet, almost as tiny as my 6 year old feet...) the way they'd sparkle and dance around to the Spanish maracas. After the whole summer dreaming about these red glitter heels, she ended up giving me a spare pair that she had. I was so happy! You can imagine I wanted to wear them all the time. But still at the age of 6, I was only allowed to click clock around in them indoors. 

I also remember the first time I got my first ever pair of Nicholas Kirkwoods... :D
I went along to his sample sale last week, and being very near to Christmas I tried to stop from buying for myself. And, I did really well... until I eventually gave up and whilst heading towards the exit, I saw them, and that was it. 
Game Over.
 I picked them up, tried them on, without hesitation, without looking back, took them to pay. 1 pair of Nicholas Kirkwoods purchased just like that.

I felt like I was 6 again, clomping around in my glitterball red shoes like a Spanish Senorita... (Damn, if I was writing this post on my iphone, the lady in the red dress emoji would be much appropriate right now). 

T a y  x

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