Sun Down in Greece

On a Sunday night in Greece whilst getting ready, the sun was setting low in the sky and it cast the most beautiful colours and shapes across the horizon. I couldn't pass up this picture opportunity so I set off (in my pyjama's) on my own with my camera to explore the grounds and found the most incredible setting to watch the sun go down. I thank whoever positioned the bench in that spot, they too were obviously aware of the breath-taking view that occurred every single evening there. From then on, I kept noticing in different places, a random bench would just sit. (Also like in my previous post) You can just stop for a second and really appreciate the spectacular views. Very romantic. I love that. 

I made sure to make it back there every evening to watch the sun down... 

I wore: Dress- ASOS ( Find Here ) Now in the SALE!
Clutch - Zara

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  1. Cute dress :)
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    Maria V.


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