playful playsuit


I can't get enough of off-the-shoulder everything this summer.
A. Because they look great and B. Well, because no one wants any of those awkward tan lines. Not that I got much of a tan this summer anyway. It's pretty much non-existent even after going to Greece and Vegas (Vegas post to come very soon...) All it can come down to is that there is something definitely wrong with the sun this year. Yes, that's it :(
 I am going back to Greece in a couple of weeks which I am so exited about. Hopefully I'll be able to achieve a nice sun-kissed glow.
I am loving this little white playsuit from ASOS. It's playful, easy to wear and flirty. I adore the delicate lace trim neckline, it's so pretty against your skin. The embroidered flowers on the side of the sleeves and pockets are such a cute detail and work hand in hand with my embroidered clutch my sister bought for me from Vietnam.
Hope you have a great week!

T a y  x

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