My wonderful boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Amsterdam for my 21st Birthday. After telling me we were staying with his best friend's family in Leigh On Sea, I was expecting a bank holiday weekend in a beautiful house along the sea front. Well, not exactly.
We did go to Leigh On sea, where we had a lovely meal surrounded by great company and stayed the night. But come morning, Freddie wakes me up at 5am and all I am thinking is what the hell could we be doing.
Next thing I know, he has me blindfolded and in a car. After a 10 minute car journey he guides me out, takes off the blind fold and we're standing outside the airport with 2 passports in his hand. I couldn't believe it. He'd planned the whole trip for months and everyone knew but me. So we boarded the plane and off we went to the Netherlands.
Our weekend was filled with great ice tea, endless cycling (and a sore bum for that matter) gorgeous weather and hours of getting lost.
We were in great company on the trip as Freddie had a friend who showed us all around Amsterdam and taught us everything we needed to know about the city. It felt like we had our very own photographer for the weekend as he took our pictures at every opportune moment.
Here a some photographs we took over the weekend :)




Outfit/ White and Blue Dress/ Zara (find here)

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