Anthem Of The Seas Cruise Launch

Anthem Of The Seas - Recently I got the privilege to jump on board the brand new Anthem Of The Seas for a Cruise Launch thanks to the amazing Royal Caribbean and my boyfriend's wonderful mother Tracey Holt.
This was my first time ever on a Cruise Ship so I literally did not know what to expect as I climbed aboard this gorgeous ship which is one of the three biggest in the world. Sure, I've heard many stories and comparisons from my boyfriend about what a Cruise is like but it's still pretty hard to imagine the experience of what actually is a City on a Ship. From top open deck swimming pools, to a Royal Theatre Hall this cruise ship is filled with entertainment and fun around every corner.
Read on to find out more about my incredible weekend out in the sea.

Anthem of The Seas (and that's only half of it)
Saturday 11:00am- Whilst approaching the next train stop I could already see this beauty of a ship a mile away between the buildings in Southampton from my window. This ship is 17 decks high and our room was located on the 13 deck. Now, I'm scared of heights but something told me the view from our balcony was going to be nothing less than breath-taking. (And I was right.)

12:30pm- After climbing ship, you're on Deck 5. You are surrounded by beautiful art-work and your ears are filled by live music playing straight ahead. Your eyes are diverted by a strange light-bulb chandelier as it flickers on and off. It wasn't until Day 2 that I actually realised the reason behind why it flashes and that it wasn't just a technical fault. When you place your hands on the podium beneath it, it monitors your heart beat making the light bulbs flash to the same rhythm as your heart. Very cool.

1:30pm- It's Lunch-Time and after dropping our luggage off at our cabins we're pretty hungry from all the excitement of finally being on the ship. We take the glass lifts up to Deck 14 to The WindJammer Market Place. This space presents you with the most exquisite buffet of all you can eat. Pasta dishes, Salads, Spicy foods, the buffet menu was endless, which makes it pretty hard to chose from when you are famished and want everything. I must of had the strangest combination of food on a plate that you've ever seen, but it all had to be tasted. We ate right by the window over- looking the sea before departing the port. We had brilliant sunshine all day to see us off into the sea.

3pm- After Lunch and the interesting conversations with other members on board the anticipation of what awaits us on the ship was eating at us. We were ready to do a whole tour of the ship to see what was in store.

There are all kinds of entertainment to keep you busy on board: On the top open deck you have swimming pools suitable for adults and children, perfect for a family destination. Rock Climbing, Bumper Cars ( so much fun) a race track that runs around the whole circumference of the ship making it a mile long. If you pay attention to detail, you will discover the ship has a sense of quirkiness to it. From funny animal art-work in the lift to put a smile on your face or robots that make your drinks .... Yes you heard right. Tom Cruise won't be shaking your cocktails on this ship. Instead tap your order on a screen and watch a machine come to life and pick, pour and shake your own drink. Anthem of the seas dares to be different in a way that you'll always remember. One that caught everyone's eye before even stepping on the ship was the ship's pet GiGi the giraffe wearing a rubber ring.

As if the ship isn't high enough, The North Star is an impressive arm that extends over the top of the ship so you can get a crystal clear view of the ship and the sea. Perfect picture moment opportunity.  

When the sun is setting in the sky, The Solarium is the place to be. Located right at the front of the ship, you can chill in a comfy pod and watch the sun sink into the horizon. One way to describe The Solarium is imagine stepping into a green house, one a little bigger and luxurious...with pools and Jacuzzis of course. The heat inside is enough to take away the lasting chill you have if it's a little breezy outside. You can spend most of your day here unwinding by taking a refreshing swim and soaking in a bubbling hot Jacuzzi with a frozen strawberry daiquiri. The epitome of relaxation. Also a midnight swim never goes a miss.

3:00pm: Whilst on our Grand Tour of the ship, we come across the dining rooms and get a little taster of where we will be eating that evening. They are all designed intricately, each to their own theme. But there was but one that had touched me on a different level, 'The Grande'. As you walk in, you glimpse the beautiful display of white orchids on your right which compliment the room perfectly. The sun shines bright through the window reflecting off of every mirror and every wine glass in the room. Your ears are then suddenly flooded with poignant classical music that create a harmonious ambience.
If anyone is interested in getting wed on a Ship, this would be the room to make all your dreams come true.


No better opportune moment to capture a time like this!

8:00pm: Frederick and I dining in one of my favourite rooms,The Grande.
You do not find food or table service like this just anywhere. The staff on board are friendly, polite and genuine making you feel instantly welcome. They will selflessly go out of their way to fulfil your needs to make sure you come away with the best experience.

Sunday 9am: I had to pinch myself waking up to this in the mornings. We were in an endless deep sea of blankets. We didn't know where we were... and well, we didn't care.


4pm: Back to the Solarium to do what we love best...Napping

8pm: We're off the to theatre to see a show I've never seen before " We Will Rock You". The show was magnificent, I absolutely love Queen so it was great to sit 4 rows back and sing- a- long to their most famous hits. Reviews statedthat the show on board is even better than the London Productions...

Last but not least, what's better than ending the perfect weekend watching the sun go down with the one you love :)
You can follow Tracey Holt's page here and here to get in contact to book your very own cruise anywhere around the world. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a unique and memorable experience.

T a y  x
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