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I was watching Grease last night and was so inspired by their style. 1950's is definitely by far my favourite era. Elvis was King, people drunk milkshakes everyday and everyone used to go to drive-in movies on a Saturday night. Think I was born in the wrong period. Today I decided to wear my black billowing skirt. I love how chic the crisp white shirt makes the overall look.

Skirt- H&M ( find here
Ralph Lauren
Heels- Asos ( similar here )
Clutch -
Stella McCartney

Tay x

Check out this new Irish Folk Duo I've only just discovered. Hudson Taylor. I'm so addicted. I'm actually going to Ireland for the weekend so I hope I can find two guys like these to serenade me :D  


Insta Diary

1. Snap back for Drake. 2. Girls at Drake concert Wednesday Night. 3. Friends Birthday. 4. Girls in VIP box for Drake :D
5.Watching Mamma Mia, everyone says I look like Amanda Seyfried. 6. Fancy dress party, I went as ABBA Agnetha. 7. Modelling DVF dresses in Sefridges. 8. Throwback to me and Big Sis at V-Fest.
 9. Me and sister on a sunny sunday. 10. Swinging in the forrest. 11. First lesson skateboarding. 12. My new Preen Skateboard, exclusive to Selfridges

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NEW: Michael Kors Watch

Bronze, Silver or Gold? When it comes to jewellery I like to keep it very minimal. I wear a lot gold, but I find that when I switch to silver for a change I never have a watch to wear. A watch to me is a necessity to every outfit, I'm lost without one. Therefore to prevent this happening again I've found the perfect watch to match any look. It's silver, gold and rose gold.. all in one watch! Beautiful.

Michael Kors Watch ( here )

Taylor x


summer orange

DENIM FLARE  Today I decided to switch it up, ditch the jeans and go for my midi denim skirt. It's just as comfortable as your best pair of jeans... When I describe this skirt to anybody they screw their face up and think of a stiff, bulky and well.. granny-ish skirt. But it's the complete opposite. I love the pop of orange against the blue.

Shirt- H&M (here )
Skirt- Zara ( similar
here ) See another look here
Heels- LK Bennett (similar here )
Bag- Ralph Lauren ( similar
here )Taylor x





country girl

Plaid, Faux fur, Hunter wellies?  A turn from a City girl to a farmers daughter. I think I could pass for a country gal? I love the stillness and tranquillity of these rural areas. There are no distractions other than the swift movement of the trees or a song from a near-by bird. I like to take this opportunity to unwind and really think. Makes you enjoy and appreciate the finer things in life. Its a breath of fresh air.



 I have no words to describe the immense beauty of this skirt. Initially, I'd been searching everywhere for a tulle skirt. With no luck in finding the perfect ballerina tutu I came across a similar skirt in h&m! I had so much trouble choosing a top to wear, it so turns out every single top I own looks wonderful with the skirt. The movement, fluidity and how it floats in the wind is absolutely stunning. 

Skirt- H&M (here )
Top- H&M (similar
here )
Heels - Zara (old)

Pentagon Sunglasses - Topshop ( here )

Taylor x



midi lenghts

Midi dresses are ideal for them in-between days where the weather is an annoying combination of passer-by clouds and sunshine. That day when you want to wear a dress but don't want to show too much. Personally I adore midi dresses and skirts! They provide you comfort and undeniable femininity. Today's look is very relaxed, I'm wearing this draped cardigan on top which gives the overall look a sense of fluidity. These new cage heels are finally in my possession. They add such dramatic detailing... even if it is only for my feet.

Dress- Vintage
Belt-Ralph Lauren ( similar here )
Heels- Zara (here )
Cardigan- H&M



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