New Bedroom

Since forever, I've always shared a room.. so now that my sister has moved out, I've been able to do up my room exactly how I want it :) I've always admired a bedroom that shows a person's personality and character. A room where you can be completely yourself, comfortable and just unwind. I recently just moved in a white wooden rocking chair which I'm absolutely in love with! For my next step, I need to print off hundreds of pictures to scatter on the wall above my bed. Nothing tells a better story than photographs of your life's memories!
Tay xo


  1. I am totally in love!!
    Love the whole whiteish interior as well as that mannequin
    All looks so vintage
    S xx

  2. Aw your room looks gorgeous so so pretty! I recently just got my own room too as ive always shared with my sister! My rooms all white too but ive been so lazy have done much other than put up my clothes rail instead of a wardrobe a I just love how it looks! Omg the nett over your bed is so adorable and love the mannequin and frames might be stealing some frames! Xo


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