It's really strange that I've recently became addicted to looking at tattoos. Never have I ever been the type of person interested in getting inked. I think I'm just going through a phase and it'll pass. At the moment I really love the idea of small delicate writing on my side (under my arm) or under my breast. I once had a henna of three swallows under my breast, I loved it while it lasted. It's something I'll really have to think long and hard over before making any decisions. What do you think?
Taylor x

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  1. Hello :)
    You have to look at this idea for a few months...if you still want to have that tattoo, do it.
    You have to be sure, that, no matter, how old you are, that tattoo (or anytime a few tattoos) belongs to your body. It is a part of it. And you shouldn`t think about "Can I perhaps remove it ony day". And if that is your opinion, do it.
    I have startet with a little ladybug and now... I have got some more :))

    The Fairy


    1. Hey, Good point! I'll definitely take time to think it over, I don't want to rush into anything that is irreversible! I change my mind so often! haha Thank you for your comment :)
      Taylor x


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