I think we can finally say that England's summer has arrived. Better late than never I suppose. I took advantage and decided to sunbathe on my day off, and of course I got burnt. I hate having such fair skin, makes the whole tanning process a lot longer..
Todays outfit is really laid-back and casual. This black off the shoulder top from Asos is so simple, easy to wear and sexy. You can find it here
Sometimes you can never feel better than the way you do in a good pair of jeans! I rarely wear jeans so when I do, it feels quite special. I don't look at them as my everyday apparel, I enjoy mixing up the bottom half of my outfits with skirts, trousers, shorts etc. I do love the ripped, distressed style of this denim, best option for a chilled, effortless look.
Taylor xo




  1. Lovely outfit! Love the off shoulder top!


  2. Hey there, so, after maybe one year of randomly checking your blog for new posts - yeah I figured out how to follow you on blogger just today, pretty silly, I know ;)- I just have to ask you about the products you use for your hair! I have kind of the same curls as you, but I wear my hair really long because otherwise it just gets so frizzy, has to much volume and looks a bit too much like dry lionhair... But looking at your pictures I really wanna cut it a bit shorter again to let the curls come back =)!
    Can you recommend any products or tricks how you get your nice curls, and not dry curls...? Thanks already for reading this, and I'm sorry if my english isn't that correct ;)!
    I really, really love your Outfits, especially because you always manage to wear something you wouldn't laugh about 1 or 2 years later, at least I still like the old outfits back from 2011 and would wear them today aswell. I think that's such an important thing, to not just go with fashion, but always keep it, well, I think classic is the word :)!
    Have a great day!

    1. Hi Silvia! What a lovely message, thank you so much!
      Now about my hair.. I don't use any specific products, I just use a squirt of hair mousse(any brand) and use a diffuser to dry my hair. I don't know if you already use one, but it's really great to define your curls and reduce frizz! Also I've recently been tying my hair into a ponytail when I go to sleep so you don't flatten or lose the curls sleeping on them! My hair does get really dry, I've been meaning to try out a leave in conditioner which is supposed to be good! I hope this helps.
      Thank you for staying so loyal to my blog! I appreciate all you're kind words!
      Have a great weekend
      Taylor x

  3. with the black shirt you look like sandy at the end of "Grease" ^^


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