You got me rising high

It's finally getting colder in London and predicted snow next week! It feels like we skipped winter as a season completely around christmas break with the mild weather we've been having. I'm quite fed up with dull and rainy afternoons and am now longing for bright summer mornings. I'm very excited for summer this year, already have a couple holidays planned :)

My white dress which is hiding underneath my coat is from Zara last year. It's a fresh summer dress with pretty stud detailing around the neckline and down the back. I accessorised this outift with a green silk patterned scarf and my black trilby. I recently just bought these black suede heel boots. They are perfect for wearing with jeans and tights because of the high ankle cut. These must be the tallest heels I own with their super 2.5 inch platform. I fear the day I have a little stumble in them and fall to what would seem a mile to the ground! But other than that, aren't they pretty :D
Hope everyone's had a great day!
Taylor xo



  1. heeey, i love your shoes! im having a prom in 3 weeks and i still dont know what to wear. what would you wear if you were me?

  2. Super stylish!
    Oh, I wish here in Finland would be that warm. We have to cover ourself in a million layers of clothes. Spring, please come early!


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