Feeling Blue..

 I'M BACK- I apologise for my absence everyone! I've been on holiday and working a lot and have had no time to update my blog! My holiday in Zante was amazing, mid 40 degree weather everyday was a dreamm! I missed it so much coming back to miserable London..luckily we've been having beautiful sunny days this week except today..there's only so much you can ask for with Britsh weather! I took advantage of the sunshine and went to Brighton with some girl-friends which was lovely.. I'll post a picture collage soon!
My holiday's doesn't stop there.. I'm going to my villa in Spain next week for 6 days for the fiesta's..can't wait! Hoping to build my tan even more.
So today's outfit has quite a masculine approch to it with the tailoring of the shirt and blazer. I love the suit look inspired by fashionista's like Alexa Chung and Elizabeth Olsen. I opted for some scalloped shorts to add a feminine twist to the look. I quite like the two shades of blue, it's different than going for the matching suit trend. I'm wearing this outfit tonight for a party in London Zoo.. strange I know.. I've always been a party animal.
Hope you like
Taylor xo


  1. your holiday sounds great but I'd love to be in London instead of this miserable Finland! by the way, blue looks really good on you :-)

  2. Love your shoes, hair, style <3

  3. Absolutely love these scalloped shorts!
    super cute!
    S xx

  4. Du hast wundervolle Haare und bist wirklich hübsch, das Outfit gefällt mir auch gut, aber ich finde die Anzahl der Bilder irgendwie zu viel. Es sind ja nicht mal Detailbilder, sondern quasi auf jedem Bild dasselbe und das kann man auch in weniger Bildern zeigen, so wirkt es ein bisschen selbstverliebt.

  5. i just found your blog and i love it! must follow! :)


  6. your hair is my favourite in the world! oh god i love those!

  7. Das ist ein zauberhaftes Outfit. Diese Blautöne sehen wunderbar zusammen aus.
    Liebst Julia

  8. aww wow you've got princess hair *.* love it and this outfit and your blog - yaay! :) i'm now following! xx


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