Photo Diary 1

Hey all! I've decided I'm going to do posts on random photographs I take within the month.. So it'll be like a photo diary! So here's my first photo montage..It's been a crazy and memorable month!! :)
1. Me
2. Dusting off my guitar, been so long since I played..
3. Pub Fish and Chips in the sun!
4. Mahiki club for my 18th birthday celebration with the Rugby crew.. Photo booth :)
5. Out with the boys for Alwyns birthday!
6. My final textiles piece of the Eiffel Tower.. turned out better than I expected.
7. Finally 18!!!
8. Mahiki and my superhero dress!
9. My work uniform for Rugby..Don't H8
10. Zante is approaching so fast!! Can't wait to get away with the girls!
11. In my birthday dress to Parddy in GLAM
12. Mahiki treasure chest
13. Sparklesss
14. Swinggg
15. Mine and Erins new signature pose
16. 18 Birthday cake.. chocolate dreamm...

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Have a lovely week guys!

Taylor xo



  1. Ooo I have instagram: @rheadillon shall follow you and I listed you as one of my Daily Dose's on my blog :)


  2. Now following you!!
    S xx


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