1. Black and white dress from AX- Paris- I wouldn't usually go for a dress this style but there was something about the simplicity that made it look really chic and sophistcated. I love the black detailing on the front too.
2. I've finally bought my cross earrings from Topshop :D yayy
3. I bought these gorgeous white chiffon trousers from Zara to wear in Vegas. The colour white has been a soft spot for me recently, it just looks so classy and makes a classic statement. These trousers feel so soft against your skin, perfect for a warm evening. They'd go lovely with a white top  and tan heels :)
4. I also bought this mint blue/green peplum top from Zara to wear in Vegas. I've needed a mint garment to fill my wardrobe for quite some time and this peplum studded top won me over. The studs add a great edge to the flared top.

What do you think of my new pieces?
Taylor xo


  1. Love the peplum top with the studs gives a great tough edge to the ladylike look and your cross earrings are so cute


  2. Love your earrings!!
    S xx


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