Birthday Wishlist..

18th Birthday- I can't contain my excitement for my birthday next week. Here's my own birthday wishlist of things I really would like. My mum asked me about a birthday keepsake that I would want and I thought a nice watch would be perfect. I've never been much of a watch person but my previous watch broke and it's until then that you realise how much you depend on it. Aqua has an amazing sale on dresses and I literally want them all. I love the edgey structure of each of them, very bold and the dress is enough to make a statement look. I think everyone is falling to there knees when they see the black basic sandal Zara heels. I've wanted these for so so longg, hopefully I get these babies..fingers crossed. I really love alluminous yellow at the moment, would be perfect to wear with an all black look.

Birthday plans so far consist of a crazyy weekend of celebrations. Since my birthday is on a tuesday (the worst day of the week) I'm going out with all my friends on the friday and saturday.Can't wait to put my best dress on and paint the town red..

Taylor xo


  1. Love that watch!
    S xx

  2. My birthday is on Tuesday too! WOO x

  3. Great birthday list! I actually have both of those Aqua dresses (in different colors) and must say, they are so much fun. Thanks so much for your comment back on my blog! Would you like to follow each other?


    1. Ahh I'm in love with the dresses! Your welcome, sure i'm now following you :) x


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