Hello Fellow Bloggers.
Sorry I haven't been posting a lot. I'm back to college which only means one thing. Stressful work deadlines. I have no motivation what so ever and I have a photography deadline next week and textiles the week after. My mind just isn't in the state of working. Next week's going to be a crazy panic, but hopefully I'll get it all done. The weather has been absolutely disgusting in London, rain, thunder and lightening. It's freezing too so my summer wardrobe will have to wait just a little longer.
It's my day off from college so I stayed in and watched movies (when I should have been doing work..help) I decided on some leather shorts, this blue cashmere top decorated with pearls.. which I haven't worn properly in so long! And a black fitted structured blazer. Lucky I was only taking pictures in this and not going out otherwise I would have been frozen. Gonna get some work done now. Good luck to everyone else and their revision/coursework! :D Hope everyone's week's going well! It's friday tomorrow hurrayy!
Taylor xo


  1. Really love your style, now following! Can I ask I have really curly hair like yours and was wondering what hair products you use, cause especially in this current weather mine has become less defined and more frizz!



  2. Such a cute jumper!
    S xx

  3. Your hair is so perfect, I'm jealous! :D love the blazer, too!


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