SPEND SPEND SPEND. Helloo, Today I went to Westfields with my friend to do some unnecessary shopping! I bought: A sleeveless collared shirt (£12.99), gold metallic jumper which i think looks really cool (£9.99).. both from H&M. AND finallyy I've got my chiffon black skirt that I've wanted for so long now! Short at the front, long at the back.. from New Look (£22.99). Overall, very happy with my purchases.. but I really need to know when to stop buying. It's not healthy for my credit card :'(

TGIF.. Friday's are just the best excuse for going out, it's the end of another week! 2nd weekend staying in for me... I've figured out I'm either spending money on going out or spending it on clothes every weekend. Whichever way.. I'm not winning! :/
Hope everyone's having a good day! Taylor xo

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  1. Great purchaces :) I have almost the same asymetric skirt from Zara.

    I hope you will like mine looks. Do you want to follow each other?


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