Keep Your Head Up

Hey My Lovelies! Today was such a beautiful dayy, the sun was shining so bright..as you can see from how I'm squinting in all my pictures! Not a good look i'm sorry! Today i thought i'd take on the summer mood and wear this light, print kimono. I love the delicate pattern on it! My college is on a 3 day strike so i'm looking forward to enjoying more time in the sun.

I've actually just come home from going to see the Graham Norton show! (Hence the late post) It was so funny! Hugh Grant was on it along with David Guetta and he played Titanium! Soo good, think me and my friends were the only ones dancing along like we were at a rave... ALSO David Guetta casually waved at me and my friend...yeahh buddyy. Hopefully see him next time in the summer at V-Festival..(Become besties in no time) :D

Taylor xo


  1. oh my. youre stunning as always!! :)

  2. I love those shoes, they're gorgeous. The floral cardigan is awesome too. Very jealous you got to go to the GN show, sounds awesome.



  3. Gorgeous kimono, lovely colour and print!xx


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