Happy V.Day

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY Hope everyone's having a lovely day and getting spoilt! I'll be spending tonight with some of my girl-friends. Even if your not in relationship, still show your love by spending it with your family and friends! Love all round.
P.S I can't wait for Pancake Day! :D

This song makes me happy...
(From the film Blue Valentine)
Taylor xoxo


  1. Happy valentines day to you too! I just came across your blog and I love your style! the shorts in these pictures are really cool :) xxx. P.s your hair is like a fairytale! http://thefrillseekers.blogspot.com/

  2. So I just commented on your look on lookbook but I figured I should bug you in as many ways as possible. What are your hair secrets? I must know.

    1. Ha thank you for your comments! Well my hair's naturally curly like this! I use a small amount of mouse to hold the curls, then I use a diffuser to dry my hair which really defines curls and reduces frizz! :) xx


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