Elizabeth Olsen

WATCH OUT Olsen twins, looks like your younger sister could be about to upstage you...
Olsen sister number 3 is certainly following in her fashionista sisters' footsteps as her own immense personal style emerges.She descirbes her style as comfortable and masculine. I abolutely adoree Elizabeth's fresh, chic look with a twist of geek! She has definitely become one of my new style crushes! I lovee her outfit of the white chiffon done-up shirt, accessorised with a statement necklace, orange skirt and strapy black heels. The pop of colour really makes the whole look! I think it's really important to wear a bright colours during winter to brighten up your usual dull and grey day!
What's wrong with standing out?

Lastly, is anyone completely and utterly obssessed with Lana Del Rey? Her songs haven't been able to escape my head since i started listening to her. Her music and voice is just so unique.
This is one of my favourites.. Enjoyy

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