Straight Hair??

Hey Guys,
So i just realised i don't think any of you bloggers have ever seen me with straight hair?! I used to straighten my hair all the time when i was younger because i used to deteste my curly hair..but i grew to love it. I like how long my hair is straight :D and also its more blonder? althought its looking ginger in these photos :/ hahaha
Anyway i just want everyone's honest opinion on what you like best? because some people prefer straight, some curly. Some people think i look younger with staight hair? :/
SO what do you guys think?..
Much appreciated :D xxx


  1. Beautiful either way but honestly I prefer the curls! Like mine!

  2. You look pretty with straight hair. But with curls, you look stunning!!
    Nice blog, btw. Check mine out, if you want to. '

    - Karoline.


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