Musical Photoshoot.

MUSICAL PHOTOSHOOT- Where else to have a lovely photoshoot than in Richmond Park. Beautiful trees surrounding you, lakes and sunshine. For my textiles project i'm basing my work around music; what it means to me, how it influences style, mood etc. It may not sound it but i'm actually finding it quite challenging and inspiring! Music is so many diferent things. It may mean one thing to someone, and another to someone else. What makes music what it is? There's soo many questions...and this is what i hope to achieve by the end of my project, to express music through-out my work. We live and breathe it everyday. What is music to you?
So anyway me and my two friends Megan and Erin were kind enough to help me do this photoshoot. I think the pictures turnt out well. I particularly love the ones where the sunshine hits certain places, creates a very dramatic effect. They have a real joyfulness, tranquility, and freedom feeling to the images. We found it pretty fun to happily frolick through the fields :D haha.
Taylor xoxo


  1. I adore your cute headpiece! your photos are awesome too!

    I hope we can follow each other.:)


  2. you are so beautiful, taylor.

  3. I really love this photoshoot! ;)
    The 1st picture is my favorite!

  4. this is a really pretty photo shoot!

    I'm gonna be cliched and say music is my life, because tbh I can't imagine living without it. Listening and playing music enables me to be who I am.

    I'm still trying to think of what to base my textiles work on :/




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