Musical Photoshoot.

MUSICAL PHOTOSHOOT- Where else to have a lovely photoshoot than in Richmond Park. Beautiful trees surrounding you, lakes and sunshine. For my textiles project i'm basing my work around music; what it means to me, how it influences style, mood etc. It may not sound it but i'm actually finding it quite challenging and inspiring! Music is so many diferent things. It may mean one thing to someone, and another to someone else. What makes music what it is? There's soo many questions...and this is what i hope to achieve by the end of my project, to express music through-out my work. We live and breathe it everyday. What is music to you?
So anyway me and my two friends Megan and Erin were kind enough to help me do this photoshoot. I think the pictures turnt out well. I particularly love the ones where the sunshine hits certain places, creates a very dramatic effect. They have a real joyfulness, tranquility, and freedom feeling to the images. We found it pretty fun to happily frolick through the fields :D haha.
Taylor xoxo


Formspring Mee

If you have any questions you would like to ask, don't hesitate. You can ask me on my formspring :)
I'll try and answer them all
Thanks guys :)
Taylor xoxo

Alexa Chung.

Hii Everyone.
I'd thought i'd do a brief post on someone i admire who has the most amazing fashion sense. Alexa Chung is been well known for her boyish, effotless and sixties style. She pulls off HOT trends like boyfriend tailoring by wearing beautiful put together pieces like blazers, shirts and brogues. I adore how she accessorizes every outfit. Maybe with a peter pan collar, long socks, a vintage bag or a leather jacket. This girl is my life-long inspiration.

I don't particulary like to wear navy and black together. But this woman does it so well. She is the only woman in this earth who can pull it off magnificently.
So much love for her <3


Over The Heels, And Far Away

Hey everyone.
CASUAL DENIM- I bought some new heels on the weekend so i thought i'd do a look to show them off. I abolsutely love them to bits. Even though their so high to walk in :/ I've wanted a pair of black classic heels for ages and these were perfect. I love the little ankle strap to. I like how you can change a whole outfit by just wearing a pair of heels. Gives it so much character to a casual simple look.

I'm wearing:
Denim Shirt- Topshop
Top- Nanny's
Turquoise Necklace- Forever 21
Jeans- Primark
Heels- Aldo
Sunglasses- Forever 21


Straight Hair??

Hey Guys,
So i just realised i don't think any of you bloggers have ever seen me with straight hair?! I used to straighten my hair all the time when i was younger because i used to deteste my curly hair..but i grew to love it. I like how long my hair is straight :D and also its more blonder? althought its looking ginger in these photos :/ hahaha
Anyway i just want everyone's honest opinion on what you like best? because some people prefer straight, some curly. Some people think i look younger with staight hair? :/
SO what do you guys think?..
Much appreciated :D xxx


Snapped at Wireless Festival for ELLE MAGAZINE/WEBSITE

So at Wireless Festival me and my friend got pulled over and got our pictures taken for Elle. It was soo exciting. So i was browsing over the website and we're on it!!! Check it out!! We got picked out of the 65,00 people at the festival...i feel proud.

Heyy Everyone. So i've had such a hectic weekend. It started on friday with Wireless Festival and then through to saturday when i went to Thorpe Park with friends. So you can get the rough idea of how tired i was at the end of it. But overall it has been a pretty amazing weekend. And to top it off i find out my sister has got engaged!! HappyHappyHappy. I'm soo excited and thrilled for them both :)

WIRELESS FESTIVAL was beyond amazing. The line up was wicked with Tinie Tempah, Example, Plan B, David Guetta, Bruno Mars and Black Eyed Peas. And can i say that BEP were brilliant. I've heard that they are supposedly crap live? Well scrap that because they were unbelievable. And the atmosphere in the crowd was insane!! xD Here are a few pictures of my day at the Festival. I also got a great oppurtunity to take some festival style shot which people were kind enough to let me take :D

 This girl instantly stood out from the crowd with her great leather rocker jacket putting an edge to her cute frilly white top and denim shorts. She also went for the statement flower headband. A must have for all festivals. Also her scarf which hangs off her bag would add colour and character to any outfit.

 This girl ticked all boxes when it comes to a festival rocker. With a Guns N Roses Tee worn with denim shorts and oversized karki jacket she showed everyone how work a great festival outfit. I love the twist of the suspender tights. I must get some. Also what really stood out to me is her bright red lipstick creating that edge to look. I'm loving red lipstick at the moment. :D

 This girl showed everyone to how wear neutral festival style!! With this years trend must have flared trousers (Primark) teamed with a gorgeous sunhat and oversized sunglasses. She was able to look pretty, summery and classy. :D
 How amazing is this outfit? I absolutely LOVE the different lenghts of the dress, short at the front and long at the back. The fact that its floral makes it even more irrestible. Florals are big this summer so grab as much as you can!! She roughed the soft floral dress up with great black boots, denim gillet and side bag. PERFECT.
 You can't really see what the girl on the left is wearing so i'll have to write about the girl on the right. I love her feathered based dress worn with a brilliant tassled jacket giving it a lot of texture and character to the outfit. I've been seeing feathers everywhere on clothing recently so she pulled this new trend off well!!

 On Friday i wore:
Top- Nan's
Shorts- Topshop <3 Finally got to wear them
Flower headband- Spitalfields market
Tan backpack- Lorenz. Off the internet
Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters
Sandals..which you can't see :/ Spain.
Turquoise stone necklace- Forever 21

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