"New York, Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of, There's Nothing You Can't Do"

Sorry about the late post. I've had a sudden Photography deadline since i've been back from New York.  I thought i'd spare some time to post a few pictures i took whilst out in New York. I'm not the best photographer in the world. I'm still learning as i go along..so just bare with me :) SO i went to New York for 4 days and I really enjoyed it, it's pretty much like London; buildings, shopping and more buidlings. We got to walk the streets of New York, eat American food, speak to American people, and shop in the American shops :) I don't think it's really that relaxing holiday like Spain where you could take a break from reality and go the beach. It's still a hectic, working city yet it's more magical. Something you'd see out of a movie haha.
Overall i thought it was a pretty worthwhile experience. I got a lot out of it, learned new things and saw things from different perspectives, which is what makes photography what it is. Somehow i think the school trip kinda ruined my first experience of New York but I would defiantly go back one day as i think there is so much more to see. One thing i want to do from my "list" is live in New York for a year and see what oppurtunities are available and what i can grab from them.
Taylor xoxo

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