Epsom University

So today i went Epsom University for an Opening day exploring creatvie arts. Now before i went in there i pretty much had my mind set that i didn't want to go to Uni and that i wanted to jump into work straight away. However after visiting the Uni with a friend it's made me even more confused about what i want in life. I think us teenagers at this age are at such a tricky stage of our life as to know here and now what we want in life. But sometimes i think we never know exactly what we want :/ A lot of us change and develop in different ways of thinking so much in life and i think it's hard for us to decide what we want to do for the rest of our lives. But thats the way it is so..whatever.
So i've been told in college that i would need to do a years foundation course in art/design if i want to go into fashion. So i went to this opening day to find out more about the requirements and a portfolio. Yet now i've been wondering about whether to stay on the other years and do Fashion Promotion and Imaging, which consists of mainly Fashion buying, styling and fashion photography and journalism. This is exactly what i want to do but i would have to stretch it out for 4 years before getting anyway with a career. To me that seems like a waste of time, but the knowledge i'd get out of it seems pretty rewarding. However i could get straight into doing fashion PR with an internship for 6 months..but who knows how that could turn out if i'm not ready to jump head first into the fashion industry. :/
So my advice for you guys is to take you're time with school and college. Take your time to explore different things. And it's all about finding the things you don't like in which will help you open up doors to the things you do like so you know exactly where you stand. Make sure you're doing what you love and that its not a chore because it will soon enough become your life.

Taylor xoxo

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