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I haven't been able to stop spending recently. My sister woke me up this morning to see if i wanted to go Topshop...this wasn't something i could possibly pass by. It's been a while since i've actually bought something in Topshop. And i wanted to buy the whole damn shop when i went today..everything was beautiful..and i literally mean beautiful. I go into some serious..amazed daze when i'm shopping haha. I brought a limited amount of money coz i knew near enough exactly what i wanted to buy...but that didnt go much to plan.
I bought quite a lot of neautral and nude clothes today which contrasts a lot from my items i bought yesterday. I like to have a versatile choice of clothes as theres never an ending to what you can create and show in different ways. I mostly dress to my mood and personality.
This netted/ crochet tassle top was in the Last Chance section..it was near enough calling out to me so i had to buy that. And again my big love for crochet and tassles at the moment was even more perfect.
The shorts i absolutely adore. I've spoke about them in my Topshop Most Wanted  post before. I never actually believed i'd get them :D I think they're soo cute, the pattern and the pastel colours are too die for! Both of the crochet tassle top and the shorts look perfect together. Great for a festival look.
My new pleated skirt i found last minute. I've been looking for one for ages but none of them seemed to meet my expectations. But this one was amazing. I really love the colour and the lenght, it was like it was made for me. :D
i bought this nude bandeau bra to go under the crochet tassle top but also it can go with anything. Usually i buy a lot of stuff that i know i will get wear out of it. Thats when you know its worth however much money. To top the whole day off... there was a 20% student discount..i couldn't have been happier.
Anyway i'm babbling now. i just get excited when i have new clothes :/
Taylor xoxo

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