This is my new backpack my mum got for my birthday. I love it so much, it's soo cute. It's not very big but it has loads of compartments to put things in. I've been wanting a backpack for agess soo Hurrayyy.
 This is my new vintage skirt i got from Brick Lane. I love the long tassles which would just complete a look. I saw it and straight away i wanted it. I can't wait to wear it for a festival with a big sunhat :D

 This is a gorgeous vintage grampa jumper i purchased. I almost want it to be winter for a day so i can wear it out. It's quite thin though so i could wear it on a windy day :)

 These are my own John Lennon sunglasses :) soo cool

 This was the last one left on the stall. The reindeer is so cute :D

 My nan recently gave me these glasses. I haven't wore them yet but they are very vintage :D


  1. Skirt & bag are amazinggggg!
    ive been meaning to get myself down to brick lane.
    isit really as good as they say? :)
    much love, shen xoxo

  2. I love the outfit... especially the backpack, I've been wanting one fir ages and the skirt is gorgeous




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