Inspirations- Vanessa Hudgens

I absolutely adore Vanessa Hudgens style. Everytime i see her in the magazine she is pulling off another amazing outfit. Her style is very hippy and boho. I love the laid back, effortless approach you instantly get when you see her outfits. Yet they are all so stunning and inspirational.
I love how she accessorises all of her outfits with lots of necklaces/chains, feathers and gorgeous tassle side bags. Sometimes you can never have too many accessories, they add that twist to the boho look and complete the outfit.
She defiantly pulls of the festival look with high waist denim shorts, crop tops and maxi skirts and not to forget the cool sunglasses. I will certainly be taking tips from her this summer <3
Taylor xoxo

(Pictures from Oceanup.com)

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