I want these, I want these!!
So it's my birthday in two weeks and i've already asked for a sewing machine as my other one is broke. Fail. But also i NEED these heels. But i can't find them anywhere!! I have searched high and low but they seemed to be sold out or they don't have my size. It's really annoying because when i want something really bad i won't stop until i get it. So shall it be.
I can imagine how beautiful they'll look. I want to get them in Tan because then they will go with like everything!! Also i want to try wearing socks with them..i''ve never done it before..bit risky, but i think this is the perfect shoe for that look.
Would anyone like to buy me these for my birthday...be much appreciated hahaha.
I'll have to hope the best and see if my mum can work her magic and get them for me :D
Taylor xoxo

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  1. They have a lot of these on Ebay... I'm actually selling them in sz 6,7,8,and 9! "Teerayfray" is my seller ID ;)



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