Swan Lake On Ice

Yesterday I went to see Swan Lake on Ice with my Mum. It was actually amazingly magical. It was unbelievable to watch that they not only done ballet but ice skating as well. I've loved ballet every since i was a little girl and it's always been a big dream of mine. But for some reason my mum never gave me the chance to do it. It's such a beautiful genre of dance and always had an effect on me. So peaceful and delicate to watch. Last year though i started lessons. It was really hard work but i loved it. However i had to stop because it was getting too much because of GCSE's and college :/ But i'm defiantly going to start up again soon. Going to see Swan Lake actually reminded me of how much i love ballet and i'm really determined to carry it out.
Walt Disney: "All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them".

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  1. wow! so beautiful



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