A second, A minute, An hour, A day goes by..

This is my outfit i wore today:
Coral jumper: Topshop
Denim Shorts: Urban Outfitters
Grey Knee High Socks: Urban Outfitters

Boots: River Island
Scarf on my head: My Mums :D
Another amazing day!! It was soo hot..and I feel like i have gotten even more sunburnt! ( yes, i forgot my suncream ..fail). Ah I've grazed my knees so thats why i've been wearing long socks with every pair of shorts i wear. I feel like a 5 year having grazed knees by falling over! Going on holiday next week so they need to heal up haha... XD People have been telling me that i look very retro and cool and like a gypsy in this outfit. One perosn said "What year are you from?" hahaha i love experimenting with my style, It's quite exciting to try out different looks yet still altering it to suit my particular style. :D I hope everyone's having a lovely day.. And getting loads sunshine :D
I love its just starting to get dark at half 7 :)
(Note to self..Bring suncream tomorrow..wouldn't want to end up being a tomato)
Taylor xoxo


  1. I love your bag! Where did u get it?
    Oh, and I like this outfit :)
    Marcelina, xxx

  2. Thank you so much ! I actually got my bag from Primark :) xx


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