It's Oh So Vintage babyy..

Hey Everyone, hope everyone's having having an awesome day!
So today i went out with the girls down to Brick Lane! And omg all the vintage shops were soo amazing. i wanted to buy everything i saw..literally. Brick Lane just never dissapoints. Anyway today i bought a few new things which i absolutely LOVE! i am so excited to wear them!
 OMG i am so much in LOVE with this vintage jacket!! I saw it and knew i had to get it. AND it was only £21. I was so shocked and i couldnt believe my eyes it so i had to ask if it actually correct!! haha. I am soo excited to wear it. Ahh defo the best item in my wardobe now :)

 This is a scarf i bought from "The Vintage Store" for £3. i thought this would give a really nice touch to some of my outfits. Either wear it as a scarf or as a head scarf to complete a look.

 I've wanted a sleevless checked shirt for too long now. And then i saw loads all at once!! I really liked the colours of this one in particular and bought it for £12 :D I really love this as it's so casual and effortless yet really trendy and cool :D

 Me wearing my new jacket.. :D

 This is a dream catcher i bought from Spain. I didnt know what to do with so it was either making it into earrings or a necklace. I thought them as earrings might be a bit much so necklace it is xD

 This are a new pair of denim shorts i made from my brothers levi jeans. They're a bit baggy but i suppose thats how i like them :) I put a couple of rips in them to add the finishing touches and give a more laid back approach :)

I actually couldnt be happier with my purchases!! This will do me till...well next weekend when i would want to go back and buy MORE!!
You'll probably find me at Brick Lane every weekend now. haha :D
Taylor xoxo

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