What a bad way to start April. My exam went pretty shit if i'm honest. So i am in a very foul mood. Non-stop working all day...it's left me pretty run down. :( Oh well you can't always win. It won't stop me from doing what i love doing !
This is my outfit i wore today. However i was wearing denim shorts with it. It's very casual, laid back and comfy for college :) haha. Sorry for the bad pictures i just woke up. :S I'm so shattered.
This is my new necklace. I really love it particularly because of the feathers. It gives it that proper boho look. I love boho so there will be a lot more to come in the summer time :D
Taylor xoxo

1 comment:

  1. Genius outfit, i love your necklace! omg!
    ' check out my new photos?
    much love, shen xoxo..

    P.S' i hope you feel better soon, it'll all pay off im sure :)


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