Things i'll never say..

Heyy! So this is my outfit i wore yesterday..i didnt have time to upload it as I had Health work :/ I hate Health and Social Care with a passion! As its getting sunnier in London I was a bit daring and went out with no tights luckily it wasn't that cold. Us people in London have to take advantage of the sun we get because it soon changes to cold and rainy haha.
I'm wearing:
Checked Blazer -Zara
Khaki Shors- New Look
Brown top- No idea probably a cheap one from Primark

In one of the pictures i'm wearing a fur collar. I got this from a vintage cardigan my aunt gave me which the collar is detachable. I was just experimenting with it but didnt think it looked right soo... :S
I noticed something about all my photos and that is that i never take them in my own bedroom. Its always in my sister's, my brother or my mum's room haha. Probably because mines always messy as i share a room XD :/
I might do a Lookbook set later on with this outfit so check it out :)
Thanks everyone!
Taylor xoxo

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