A Sunny Day In London Town

 Silhouette effect.

Today i went out to Soutbank. It was such a beautiful day..not a cloud in the sky. Here are some pictures that i took around Big Ben and the Millenium Wheel. I love Southbank, its great for walking down the river, getting lunch and watching different entertainers :D This is my outfit i wore today. I really didnt know what to wear as i don't get a chance to dress that summery in London haha.
So anyway i'm wearing:
Vintage levi jean jacket- found in Urban Oufitters.
My sister's top and scarf haha :S Top-H&m Scarf-River Island
Jean shorts- Have no idea they're from when i was ten..and they still fit..bit tight but i love them.
Vintage satchel- Spain.

Taylor xoxo


  1. I found your profile on lookbook and I have to say I'm in love with your style. And, you are gorgeous.


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