Dance in my best dress. Fearless.

The first time i go shopping in months and i go to Primark... Funny enough i got a few nice bits for that i could wear on my holiday coming up :) I adore this cute little floral jumpsuit, you can also get it in black but i thought it would be more summerey and fresh in cream. I got this little blouse/cardigarn too. I have been obssessed with this caramel colour recently, it just goes great with most colours.
Anyway early night for me as i have a art/textiles exam ALL day tomorrow. Yayy me! Hope all goes well :) Wish me luck :)
Taylor xoxo


They named a city after us..

They named a city after us..

I decided to take a break from working and upload some pictures of my outfit i'm wearing today. It's still a bit too cold out not wear tights but i'm not going outside so its okay :D
I'm wearing:
Leather body jacket- Topshop..kinda obsessed with this at the moment XD
Coral jumper- Topshop.
Shirt- Topshop..I'm wearing a lot of topshop today :)
Shorts- From when i was like 10 years old :S haha.
Sundays are so boring. Period.
So back to work i go..got a textiles exam on friday ekkkk... shitting myelf.
Taylor xoxo


Things i'll never say..

Heyy! So this is my outfit i wore yesterday..i didnt have time to upload it as I had Health work :/ I hate Health and Social Care with a passion! As its getting sunnier in London I was a bit daring and went out with no tights luckily it wasn't that cold. Us people in London have to take advantage of the sun we get because it soon changes to cold and rainy haha.
I'm wearing:
Checked Blazer -Zara
Khaki Shors- New Look
Brown top- No idea probably a cheap one from Primark

In one of the pictures i'm wearing a fur collar. I got this from a vintage cardigan my aunt gave me which the collar is detachable. I was just experimenting with it but didnt think it looked right soo... :S
I noticed something about all my photos and that is that i never take them in my own bedroom. Its always in my sister's, my brother or my mum's room haha. Probably because mines always messy as i share a room XD :/
I might do a Lookbook set later on with this outfit so check it out :)
Thanks everyone!
Taylor xoxo


The award to most weirdest facial expressions go too....

The award to most weirdest facial expressions go too....
This start to the week has been full of laughter and sunshine
It's so weird how the sunshine has made a big difference to my college life. It doesn't take a lot to get me out of bed in the morning knowing that the suns shining bright and i get to wear all my summery clothes :D Everyone's a lot happier, brighter and smiley which is instantly seen in my all pictures. Today in college me and my friends just sat out in the sun at lunch, chilled and had soo manyy jokes. . Me and
my friend Erin just love to mess around and pull funny faces :D haha. We're Crazzyy like that :/
But anyway here are some pictures that i took today, some of my outfits, friends and some random stuff :S  I hope the sun stays so we can have many other days like these :) I don't think i've laughed so much....
Taylor xoxo 


Vintage Denim Jacket

Recently i've been non-stop wearing this vintage levi denim jacket that i got from Urban Outfitters. I absolutely love it! It's so comfy and casual to wear...perfect for college. It's really light as well appropriate for the warmer weather creeping in :D
Taylor xoxo


Recently I've had a little obsession with birds so my sister kindly went out and bought me this lovely bird ring necklace. They're so cute :D Also this is a Peace necklace that i wore today. I actually got it christmas's ago but never really wore it properly. I saw a similar one on Alexa Chung and wanted one straight away :)
Taylor xoxo


A Sunny Day In London Town

 Silhouette effect.

Today i went out to Soutbank. It was such a beautiful day..not a cloud in the sky. Here are some pictures that i took around Big Ben and the Millenium Wheel. I love Southbank, its great for walking down the river, getting lunch and watching different entertainers :D This is my outfit i wore today. I really didnt know what to wear as i don't get a chance to dress that summery in London haha.
So anyway i'm wearing:
Vintage levi jean jacket- found in Urban Oufitters.
My sister's top and scarf haha :S Top-H&m Scarf-River Island
Jean shorts- Have no idea they're from when i was ten..and they still fit..bit tight but i love them.
Vintage satchel- Spain.

Taylor xoxo
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