I absolutely love these vintage Dr.Marten shoes. They are defiantly in my Must Have list! They are perfect for when the weather gets a bit warmer if some people do not want to walk around in clompy boots. You can also get them in different colours other than black like Lilac and mint to get into the spring feeling. :D
Taylor xoxo  

First day back at college.. They're all the same. Long and depressing. Let's hope this term goes fast :D x



Hey Everyone! These are a few pictures from the photo shoot I done on the weekend. I basically had to model for a few friends for Fashion Photography. I really wanted to bring across a bad rock chick look to the images. Everyone have been saying the scene looks very vampire-ish which is also good :D I hope you enjoy and i hope the pictures don't scare you. At first they had that reaction on me haha :D
Hey Bloggers. I'm new to this so it's going to take me while to get used to.
I thought i should make a blog so i can express my love for fashion. I'm a busy bee at the moment so i won't be posting all the time, as much as i'd like to.
I hope you enjoy what you see :)
Taylor xoxo
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