Merry Christmass...

Hey bloggers,
I hope everyone's had a fantasic christmas!! Sorry i haven't posted in like over a month :/ Has anyone hit the winter sales yet? I suggest you do, there amazingg! Bargain, bargain, bargain... Is everyone excited for New Year? I sure amm! :D I wonder what 2012 will hold for us
Taylor xoxo


Made In Chelsea

Made In Chelsea

Caggie Dunlop/ Leopard Coat

Caggie Dunlop faux fur leopard animal print jacket and turquoise ring
I absolutely love Made In Chelsea star Caggie Dunlop! Her style is amazing and so inspirational to me! After seeing this leopard print coat on her, I just had to find out where it's from! And i was suprised when i disovered it's apparently from New Look at an astonishing price of £44.99!!! Tomorrow it shall be mine :) Fingers crossed :D
Taylor xoxo


Autumn Leaves.

It seems forever since i last posted! You'd think over half term i'd be able to take pictures and post more but i've been working all week. What is life coming too!! But hey..money= clothes= more posts :) Here are a few recent purchases from ASOS! They have a major sale on at the moment, its utterly amazing! As you can see all my new clothes are a reddish autumn colour..wasn't intentional, but maybe 've just caught the Autumn bug.
AND i've finally got a leopard print bag! I've never actually realised how much leopard print can go with, to the extent that i want to wear it with every outfit!  I also found these gorgeous tan heels from ASOS which are a complete replicate of "Dany" Jessica Simpson platform shoes i've been wanting like forever!! They are basically identical and i'm completely head over heels in love with them....( hehe) :D
Taylor xoxo


Cream and Mustard.

Hey you lovely bloggers... Was such a gorgeous day today so i had to wear my wedges! The shirt i'm wearing is my Grandad's..yes you could say i love wearing my grandparents clothes. :) These shots were taken at sommerset house where London Fashion Week is being held. Everyone looked so great!!
I'll post again soon :) Hope you all had a beautiful weekend!
Taylor xoxo



Sorry I haven't posted in so long!! College has once again taken over my life... Here's some pictures of a random outfit... I still love my Nanny's blazer :) xx


V- Festival

V-Festival was Ah-mazing!! Had a wicked weekend with everyone! And ya know what, camping wasn't so bad.. it was quite fun for something i've never done before. I wasn't too keen on the spiders everywhere though!
The bands were unreal... The atmosphere was crazyy... I defo need to book my tickets for next year.
Taylor xoxo
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